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Among Whipple ancestors are several named Captain John Whipple. This page mentions some of them. See the blog entry "Captain Who?" for a longer list of Captains John Whipple.

Captain John Whipple (abt 1617-16 May 1685) of Providence, Rhode Island (earlier of Dorchester, Massachusetts)
The first Whipple in America, John arrived in Dorchester (part of present-day Boston) in about 1632 at the age of 17, aboard the ship Lyon. He was a housewright in Dorchester. In Dorchester John married his wife Sarah, and his first eight children were born there. In 1658 his family moved to Providence, where he lived the remainder of his life. He and Sarah are buried in the North Burial Ground in Providence.
Captain John Whipple (21 Feb 1625-10 Aug 1683) of Ipswich, Massachusetts
 A second-generation American Whipple, this Captain John was the son of Elder John Whipple of Bocking, England. (The Captain's father ("Elder" John) and uncle Matthew were the first Whipples to settle in Ipswich, Massachusetts, in 1638.) Captain John inherited his father's, and in 1770 made a large addition to the John Whipple House--nearly doubling its size. Before being referred to as Captain, this John was sometimes referred to by the title "Cornet." (We know of no connection between this Captain John Whipple and the one listed above--who lived in Rhode Island.)
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