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Clara Barton (her genealogy)
Clara Barton, American Humanitarian. A descendant of the Ipswich Whipples, Clara founded the American Red Cross.
Abraham Whipple (Commodore) (his genealogy)
The Commodore's Page. Biographies, letters, articles, web sites.
George Hoyt Whipple (his genealogy)
Experiments in Artificial Anemia Earn George Hoyt Whipple the 1934 Nobel Prize in Medicine
J. Reed Whipple (his genealogy)
J. Reed Whipple and Boston Hotels
Job Whipple (his genealogy)
How to Get Whipples from Angells. How is it that the son of Abraham Angell and Alice Whipple was named Job Whipple (rather than Job Angell)?
John Whipple (Two contemporaries with the same name)
Two Immigrants Named John
Who Was John's Wife? Covers Elder John Whipple of Ipswich, Mass., and Captain John Whipple of Providence, R.I.
Mervin R. Whipple (Mr. Christmas)
Northern lights shine brightly in Ballouville. November 30, 1999, article from The Day tells about Mervin R. Whipple--Mr. Christmas. See also his web site: Mervin R. Whipples Christmas Wonderland.
Sarah (Whipple) Goodhue (her genealogy)
Valedictory of Sarah (Whipple) Goodhue. To her husband, children, and relatives, written July 14, 1681, 6 days before giving birth to twins and 9 days before her death.
Squire Whipple (his genealogy)
America's Railroads and Skyscrapers Indepted to Civil Engineer Squire Whipple
William Whipple (Two grandsons of Captain John Whipple of Providence, R.I.)
Captain John Whipple's Two Grandsons Named William. Published genealogies are about equally divided on the parentage of the third-generation Williams.
Winfield "Win" Whipple (his genealogy)
Win Whipple of Arkadelphia 1915-1937 tells of the Arkansas track star remembered in Arkansas sports history for The Jump, on May 5, 1933.

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