MI, NH, NY, and VT Whipples

MI, NH, NY, and VT Whipples

Recorded by Sylvester Rufus Whipple (1853-1900)

October 23, 1997

Nancy Whipple Erbland (jerbland@home.com) writes of the Whipples her great uncle, Sylvester Rufus Whipple, met on a trip to Michigan in 1895. Here is her note:

I have a paper written by my great uncle, Sylvester Rufus Whipple, (1853 - 1900) son of Francis Jackson Whipple and Amanda Stebbins, who was on a trip to Michigan in 1895. It's in terrible shape, but it does have names that might be of interest to some Whipples. It is, as best I can read it, as follows:

"While traveling in Michigan I met Newton Whipple [possibly this Newton in the Whipple Genweb?] of Fitchburg Mich., a farmer. His father's name was Isaac R. Whipple and his Grand Father's name was Robert Whipple and all he could say was he Robert Whipple was born and lived in Vermont.

Later I met another Family of Whipples ...Warner Adelbert, Oscar M., and V.O.Whipple & Emma [...?...] Father Owen Whipple was from town of ...ius Cayuga Co., NY, and his Father was Joseph Whipple and was from Croydon, New Hampshire, Chesier County. V.O. Whipple has one daughter Married Samuel Cranton [not sure of spelling/NWE] Warner Adelbert one daughter not married. Oscar M. No children - one son adopted Name [might be Geo]. Owen Whipple had two sisters Catherine and Fanny. Catherine married Owin South and had four children. Fanny married Seth Burges and had 2[?] children.

Joseph Whipple of Croydon, NH, had 8[?] Bro[thers]. Benjamin, Jacob and Israel (or Isaiah) is all the names I could learn.

Benjamin had two daughters old Maids and one was named Jane, Who lived in Vermont near Montpeliar on the ...ion River. The balance of the Families of the ... of Joseph Whipple Adelbert or any of his family know nothing of but as the history so far back as they know were all of the Baptist faith. It is also believed that Similon[?] Palmer of Mich. is related to the Whipples by his mother in some way. There also is a family of Whipples in Plymouth, Mich., but I did not learn of their people.

Notes taken while traveling for the Beeman Automatic Oil Can Co. in Mich the Faul [fall?] of 1895 - S R Whipple"

Sylvester Rufus Whipple was at one time a traveling salesman and worked for the Beeman Co. of Mosiertown, Cussewago Twp, Crawford Co., PA.

I hope the above copy will be helpful to some folks.

Nancy Whipple Erbland