The contents of this monograph was condensed from a soon to be released book by the author that chronicles 13 generations of his family through the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Indiana, Texas, and Oklahoma. In that most names, dates, and events alluded to in this narrative are well documented in numerous sources, only those specifically relating to the author's purposes are cited. For general information, or further resources on the Rhode Island Whipples, it is recommended that the reader consult the Whipple Website. Appreciation is extended to Blaine Whipple, Weldon Whipple, and Barbara Carroll for their invaluable assistance. The author may be contacted at

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  5. In most states in the 18th and 19th century, the "age of legal action" required to serve as an Executor for males was 14. In the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Missouri the minimal age was 17. In Rhode Island, land could not be owned until age 21. See: Judge Tapping Reeve, The Law of Baron and Femme, of Parent and Child, Guardian and Ward, Master and Servant, and of the Powers of the Courts of Chancery; With an Essay on the Terms Heir, Heirs, and Heirs of the Body, 3rd ed. (1862; reprint, New York: Source Book Press, 1970.)
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  13. Reiteration is noted in the William Whipple will (1796), Smithfield Probates 13:132, City Clerk's Office, Central Falls, R.I. See also: Smithfield Record of Deeds, Book 8: 203-204. Jesse sold the property, which had been in the Whipple name for over 150 years, in 1817, and moved to the state of Indiana. His grandson, William T., homesteaded on the Cheyenne-Arapaho lands of Oklahoma Territory in 1896. William T. Whipple is the great grandfather of the author.
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